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Tohtori Cyberstein

Tohtori Cyberstein won the second prize at the 100 Year Anniversary of Comics -competition in Finland in 1996.

Tohtori Cyberstein ( Doctor Cyberstein ) is, as its title suggests, an adaptation of the classic horror story. In this scifi adaptation a desperate cybernetics scientist is forced to resort to desperate means while struggling against an immoral corporation.
The graphic novel is an appropriate blending of horror, science-fiction and noir-suspence. Huitula is not trying to avoid even the more philosofical dimensions, while taking the story to the deeper planes concerning ethics, life and death. Influences can be found from the 80's cyberpunk literature, European suspense comics, as well as the themes of Japanese scifi-manga.
The pages of the graphic novel are dominated by Huitula's skillfull graphic design. Everything from the futuristic city scape to the robot monsters have been visualized in the most concistent manner. The details, such as the psychedelic set of the TV talk show or the wardrobe of the corporate leaders, give the image that every single picture is a result of a lot of work and planning. The imaginery world of the story is uniform and achieves credibility.

Translated from the Finnish article written by Otto Sinisalo
( Kotimaisia sarjakuvantekijöitä, BTJ 2004 )








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