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*Lucid Dreams* (guitar instrumental Rock) -Click link to play

*Forever* (guitar instrumental ballad) -Click link to play

' At the age of 10 I began studying classical guitar and music theory at the Tampere concervatory (Finland), which I continued for about 10 years. At the age of 15 I built my own electric guitar. Which was too crappy to play so I bought a real one. And been playing since. Studying sound design for four years at the Tampere University of Applied Sciences. All that gave a pretty good ground for understanding music and sound, but most of all for me music is a way to explore the secrets of the universe. Guitar gives you wings to fly and a possibility to abandon the limitations of reality.' -K.H.


The animated music video PRESTO broadcasted on the Finnish national TV !

The PRESTO music video was broadcasted on the national TV channel 1 on Sunday, April 17th ('Uusi kino' 22:45). And the re-run on the digital YLE Teema. It's one of the rare occasions an instrumental guitar video has ever been broadcasted on the national TV. According to the YLE's statistics it even doubled the average viewer ratings compared to the 14 previous programs broadcasted on the TV 1 'Uusi Kino' series. (!)

PRESTO is an animated music video for Antonio Vivaldi's famous composition The Four Seasons ( Summer - Presto ), as a 'note for note' arrangement for electric guitar.

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Kitarasankari 2010 at ILVES Night Club

Playing Vinnie Moore's version of While My Guitar Gently Weeps at Ilves Night Club, Tampere. Kitarasankari 2010 -event the 4th. of March 2010.
Backed up by the event's 'house band' Rock-It-Launcher.
(Photo by: Kanako Matsui)