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March 6th.2024
Kristian Huitula's movie THE SAVIOR awarded at the European film festivals (written and directed, editing, sound design and production design by Kristian Huitula)

-WINNER/ Best Editing - Jury Award 2024 /Halicarnassus Film Festival (Turkey)
-WINNER/ Best Short Film - October 2023 /Pure Magic International Film Festival (Netherlands)
-WINNER/ Best Production Design /Dresden Cinema Awards (Germany)
-Honorable Mention /Hercules Independent Film Festival (Spain)
-WINNER/ Best Actor/Short Film - October 2023 (Kristian Jalo) /LIFF - Lulea International Film Festival, (Sweden)
-Finalist /Best Short Film - October 2023 /Sweden Film Awards (Sweden)
-Official Selection -October 2023 /Stockholm City Film Festival (Sweden)
-Official Selection /Himachal Short Film Festival (India)
-Official Selection /Cinematic European Film Festival (Romania)
(- until March 2024 -)
May 25th.2022
Kristian Huitula has been awarded the City of Tampere Literary Prize, for his graphic novel Sarjakuva-Kalevala nykysuomeksi (2021, the modern Finnish adaptation of the Kalevala graphic novel) Katso
March 18th.2017
Kristian Huitula at the Tampere Comics Festival 18.-19. March (Tampere Hall, Fantacore Media's booth). Reima Mäkinen interviews Huitula about the finished Franz Kafka's The Castle -graphic novel (Saturday 4:00-4:30 p.m.). Check it !
December 31st.2016
The second and final part of Kristian Huitula's Kafka-adaptation, The Castle graphic novel (part 2/2), has been published ! More about it here !
September 2nd.2016
Kristian Huitula at the Helsinki Comics Festival 2.-4. September (Kansalaistori, Fantacore Media's booth). Reima Mäkinen interviews Huitula about the Kafka's Castle Graphic Novel, and other upcoming releases (Kirjasto 10, Sunday 4.9. 12:30-13:00).
April 11th.2016
Kristian Huitula works on a comic about Aleksis Kivi for Nurmijärvi museum (The Birthplace of Aleksis Kivi). Aleksis Kivi was the first professional writer in Finnish, and is regarded as the national author of Finland.
January 22nd.2015
Healing waters -exhibition at the Espoo City Museum (Exhibition Center WeeGee/KAMU). Kristian Huitula's large-size illustration of the ancient Rome spa is about 8 x 3 meters in size. The exhibition is open until 31st of May 2015.
December 23rd.2014
Kristian Huitula's Angry Birds and Oni Kudaki -works in the exhibition at the 15th International Comic Artist Conference in Taiwan.
October 22nd.2014
Kristian Huitula at the Helsinki Book Fair 23-26th October. Reima Mäkinen interviews Huitula about the Kafka's Castle -graphic novel adaptation Friday the 24th at 4pm.
September 1st.2014
Kristian Huitula's graphic novel adaptation of the Franz Kafka's book The Castle has been published. More about it here !
March 26th.2014
Kristian Huitula at the Tampere Comics Festival on 29th. & 30th. of March (Fantacore Media's booth, Finlayson/Ziperia). Huitula's comic pages at the exhibition 24th. of March - 4th. of April in Tampere main library Metso.
January 19th.2014
The Angry Birds Activity Book (script and illustration by Kristian Huitula) has already been published in France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Poland, Turkey and Finland.
More about it here !
July 29th.2013
First sample pages from Kristian Huitula's upcoming Kafka-adaptation THE CASTLE now at Fantacore Media's Facebook-pages !
May 30th.2013
The graphic novel version of Franz Kafka's novel THE CASTLE is announced to be produced in Finland by Kristian Huitula. The graphic novel adaptation is Huitula's return to the literature classics, Huitula has previously realized the graphic novel version of Kalevala, the Finnish national epic. Kafka wrote three novels, comic adaptations have been previously realized mostly from Kafka's short stories.
April 25th.2013
Kristian Huitula's works are chosen to participate in the Star Wars tribute exhibition: "A Saga in the Stars: A Tribute to a Galaxy Far, Far Away", which opens 4th of May in Gallery Nucleus, Los Angeles. The exhibition also presents the original paintings of the late Ralph McQuarrie, the production designer of the original Star Wars movies.
March 23rd.2013
Kristian Huitula at the Tampere Comics Festival on 23rd. & 24th. of March (Fantacore Media's booth, Finlayson). Huitula being interviewed by Reima Mäkinen on Sunday at 3 pm., and the Kalevala/Oni Kudaki exhibition open during the festival at the TR1 Art Gallery.
Jan 10th.2013
The episode 3 of Kristian Huitula's Oni Kudaki -series has been published. More about it here...
September 8th.2012
A Japanese and Finnish Moomin artists meet at the Tampere Hall Congress Centre, when Kristian Huitula interviews Yasuhiro Nakura, the character designer and animation director of the Moomin animation series, who arrives to Finland as the guest of honor of the Tracon 7 -festival (3-4:00 pm.).
Kristian Huitula's lecture about the comic book production process at 1-3:00 pm.
June 18th.2012
Kristian Huitula's illustrations now in the world famous Angry Birds publications. More about it here...
April 26th.2012
Kristian Huitula at the Tampere Comics Festival on 5th. & 6th. of May (Fantacore Media's booth, Finlayson/ TR1).
April 20th.2012
Kristian Huitula's original artwork displayed at the Hereillä - Seikkailusarjakuvaa -exhibition in Kemi Art Museum 20.4.-27.05.2012. The exhibition also displays original artwork from the Batman-artists Frank Miller/Klaus Janson, Bob Kane and Neal Adams, and Watchmen -artist Dave Gibbbons.
January 25th.2012
Kristian Huitula's Kalevala Graphic Novel -Exhibition Tour opens at the Helsinki City Library on the 6th of February 2012. The tour has so far travelled as two versions around Finland, in Porvoo, Vantaa, Hämeenlinna, Espoo, Mikkeli, Oulu and Vaasa. From Helsinki the exhibition moves to Tampere.
September 16th.2011
Kristian Huitula at the Helsinki Comics Festival on 16.-18.9. (Fantacore Media's booth).
August 15th.2011
Kristian Huitula's Kalevala Graphic Novel Exhibition Tour starts. Two almost identical versions of the exhibition travel widely around Finland's major cities. More detailed tour schedule available here.
August 2nd.2011
Kristian Huitula's large size illustration designs at the National Police Museum's SUPO-exhibition. More about it here.
May 7th.2011
A publishing contract has been signed with Kultuuripärandi Hoidja MTÜ for Kristian Huitula's Kalevala Graphic Novel to be published as an Estonian language translation.
May 5th.2011
Kristian Huitula at the Luovat Verkot-event on 5th.of May (Fantacore Media's booth, Tampere-talo/Sorsapuistosali).
April 6th.2011
Kristian Huitula at the Tampere Comics Festival on 9th & 10th. (Fantacore Media's booth, Finlayson/ TR1). Timo Kokkila interviews on Wednesday April 6th.
January 22nd.2011
Kristian Huitula's guitar instrumental ballad Forever now available in here, or on the new Myspace pages.
December 3rd.2010
The Kalevala Graphic Novel's (Deluxe) -leather cover edition is now available. Read more here, or see directly from the publisher's (Fantacore Media) website.
October 13th.2010 web domain celebrates the 10-year anniversary on the 13th. of October!
September 17th.2010
Kristian Huitula's Megalopolis -blog opened at:
March 7th.2010
Kristian Huitula played Vinnie Moore at the Kitarasankari 2010 -event at the Ilves Night Club, Tampere. More about it here.
January 26th.2010
Juha Sihto from Aamulehti newspaper interviews Kristian Huitula about the new comic book at the Tampere book fair on Saturday 13th of February 12:30-13:00 (Tampere Fair Center, Kupla-stage).
December 14th.2009
Kristian Huitula's upcoming comic book LYHYESTI introduced. LYHYESTI - Kreivi Crapulan kauhukabinetti ja muita kertomuksia is a 15-yrear anniversary collection, containing mostly previously unpublished short sorties from 1995-2009.
October 7th. 2009
Kristian Huitula's advertising illustrations for L-Fashion Group's Icepeak sportsclothing line published for European promotion (autumn/winter season 2009).
October 6th. 2009 -website presented in the newly published book Suomalainen muotoilu (Finnish design) by Weilin+Göös (2009).
September 12th. 2009
Kristian Huitula signing books at the Helsinki Mangapäivä 2009 (Fantacore Media's booth, Lasipalatsi/Bio Rex), on Saturday the 12th of September.
May 11th. 2009
Kristian Huitula's newest design for a Japanese book publisher Bungeishobo (Tokyo). More about it here
April 30th. 2009
Egmont has published the Moomin Atlas book, illustrated by K.Huitula.
March 28th. 2009
Kristian Huitula at the Tampere comics festival, 28th-29th of March 2009. (Finlayson /TR1)
December 22nd.2008
The sequel for Kristian Huitula's Oni Kudaki -series (Oni Kudaki 2 - The Nightless City) has been published. More about it here.
September 25th.2008
Finland's biggest size comic cartoon, designed by Kristian Huitula, was introduced at the opening of the national Police Museum in Tampere, Finland. More about it here.
September 19th.2008
Kristian Huitula's animated music video Vivaldi's Presto (Vivaldi's 4 Seasons for electric guitar - summer) now available for viewing at YouTube:
K.Huitula: Vivaldi's Presto (YouTube)
June 19th. 2008
Kristian Huitula's first Moomin comic published (Egmont). More about the Moomin magazine's special issue here
April 26th.2008
Kristian Huitula as a quest at the Stockholm comics festival during April 26th and 27th. Talking about manga/anime working experiences in Japan. (panel discussion with Edmund Baudoin and Åsa Ekström)
April 19th.2008
At the Tampere comics festival during April 19th and 20th.
March 24th. 2008
Kristian Huitula's Moomin illustrations published (Egmont). More about the publications here
March 2nd. 2008
Kristian Huitula's newest design for a Japanese book publisher Bungeishobo (Tokyo). More about it here
September 29th. 2007
Kristian Huitula is signing and drawing Moomins at the Moomin Valley (Tampere Main Library Metso) on Saturday 29th. from 12:00 to 1:00 p.m. The event is part of the Tampere Day celebration.
September 15th. 2007
Kristian Huitula at the Helsinki comics festival, September 15th.-16th. 2007. (Kulttuuriasema Gloria, Pieni Roobertinkatu 12) Fantacore Media also announces publication material from the upcoming sequel Oni Kudaki(2): The Nightless City.
March 31th. 2007
Kristian Huitula at the 1st Tampere comics festival, 31st of March 2007. (Vanha kirjastotalo)
January 26th. 2007
Kristian Huitula's original artwork displayed at the Lahti museum of art (Jan 26th.- April 22nd. 2007)
September 29th. 2006
Kristian Huitula's new comic book, Oni Kudaki, will be published at the Turku book fair September 29th (Fantacore Media, booth A14).
September 9th. 2006
Kristian Huitula's first Moomin illustrations published in the Moomin Magazine 9/2006.
June 26th. 2006
Kristian Huitula's The Kalevala Graphic Novel (Fantacore Media) is now available for purchase also in Kanada, distributed by Aspasia Books in Toronto.
May 24th. 2006
Kristian Huitula's designs for a Japanese book publisher Bungeishobo (Tokyo). More about it here
February 11th. 2006
Kristian Huitula/ Fantacore Media at the Henki & Elämä bookfair in Siperia, Tampere ( booth 16 ), Huitula interviewed at 5:30 pm. by Timo Kokkila.
February 5th. 2006
Karoliina Yläjoki, who also posed as one of the fairy models in Huitula's music video Presto, was voted as the 2nd runner up for Miss Suomi 2006 ( Miss Finland ). Best wishes to Karoliina!
December 23rd. 2005
The English edition of the Kalevala comic book ( The Kalevala Graphic Novel ) now available. More information about the book in here
October 27th. 2005 at Helsinki bookfair 27.-30.10. ( booth 6c6 ) is giving out free invitation tickets to the fair ( value 12 e ). Send your name and address before October 25th.2005 to: huitula(at), 10 tickets will be raffled and sent to the winners ( delivery within Finland only ).
October 7th. 2005 at Turku bookfair 07.-09.10. ( booth A 14 )
September 20th.2005
Starting from September the 15th the comic book distribution of is handed over to Fantacore Media (, which is also going to be the publisher and distributor of the upcoming English translation of the Kalevala comic book. More information on the company website at:
September 17th.2005
Kristian Huitula's comic Kreivi Crapula was awarded in the national comics contest organized by Egmont publishing and Sarjakuvantekijät ry.
April 23rd.2005
The PRESTO was a success, according to the YLE's statistics it doubled the average viewer ratings compared to the 14 previous programs broadcasted on the TV 1 'Uusi Kino' series.
March 20th.2005
A contract has been signed for the Vivaldi's Presto -animation to be broadcasted on the national TV channel TV 1, on Sunday April 17th. 2005, 22:45. ( Uusi Kino ). Re-run on YLE Teema on Monday April 18th 22:00.
Presto is an animated music video for Vivaldi's Four Seasons ( Summer ), arranged for electric guitar. Sample clips of the movie by clicking -here-.
February 25th. 2005
Kristian Huitula's music video Vivaldi's Presto at the cinema theatre Niagara in Tampere March the 12th 12:45 pm. ( ANIMANSE 2005, free admission )
December 06th. 2004
Kristian Huitula as an invited guest at the Moscow book fair December 03rd-05th, and at a lunch at the Finnish Embassy of Moscow, invited by the cultural counsellor Kirsi Tykkyläinen.
( Organized by the Finnish Literature Information Centre FILI ).
October 28th. 2004 and Sarjakuva-akatemia join their forces again at the Helsinki bookfair 28.-31. October 2004.
You can also vote your favorit comic in -here-, and win signed comics ( Sorry, Finnish site only ).
September 18th. 2004
Kristian Huitula's comic Ellu ja ilmalaiva won the 4th prize in the national comics contest organized by Egmont publishing and Sarjakuvantekijät ry.
September 18th. 2004
Huitula introduced in the book Kotimaisia sarjakuvantekijöitä, by Ville Hänninen, covering 40 Finnish comic book artists ( BTJ Kirjastopalvelu ).
June 20th. 2004
Video sample clips of the Presto -music video now available to see by clicking -here-. Presto is an animated music video of the Vivaldi's Four Seasons ( Summer ), arranged for electric guitar.
May 16th. 2004
Kristian Huitula as a guest at the Brussel-Ganshoren comics festival in Belgium. ( Organized by Gemeente Centrum de Zeyp and The Finnish Cultural Institute for Benelux )
May 07th. 2004
Perskeles! Sarjakuvia Tampereelta - comics exhibition opens at the media museum Rupriikki, Tampere. ( 08.05.-28.09.2004 )
March 31st. 2004
The comics contest organized by Egmont publishing and Sarjakuvantekijät ry (The Finnish Comics Professionals) has chosen Huitula's children comic concept Ellu ja ilmalaiva to the final.
March 25th. 2004
Heikki Jokinen's new analytical book on comics, Sata sarjakuvaa (Tammi), introduces one hundred significant comics published in Finland. Huitula's Kalevala graphic novel is also included.
December 13th.2003
Kristian Huitula's photographic series Go Dai - Variation of the Five Elements, at the 13X -group exhibition at Gallery Nykyaika, Tampere, December 12th.2003 - January 4th.2004.
October 31st. 2003
The Kalevala Society -foundation (founded in 1919) granted Kristian Huitula the annual award of the young artist, for his visual interpretations of the national epic Kalevala.

(Kalevala-society has distributed awards to distinguished experts of folk tradition and researchers of national sciences from the year 1965.)
October 27th. 2003
A contract has been signed with The Finnish-North American Literature Society for the use of Eino Friberg's American-English translation in the Huitula's Kalevala Graphic Novel.
More info about the publication of the English edition during 2004.
October 22nd. 2003 at Helsinki bookfair 23.-26.10.,at the booth 6g28. Kristian Huitula interviewed by Heikki Jokinen on Sunday 26.10. ( 11:00-11:30 a.m.)

You can also take part in a comic book ballot until 31st December and win signed comic books. ( Finnish site )
August 4th. 2003
The art poster of the painting The Time of Rebirth was published at the San Diego Comic-Con 2003, at San Diego Convention Center on the 17th of July. Get more info about the product from here.
June 15th. 2003 is attending the San Diego Comic-Con 2003 at the San Diego Convention Center on July 17.-20th. 2003. For the first time the Finnish comic art is presenting itself at the largest comic fair in the U.S. Kristian Huitula on the spot at the Small Press Area (S-9). Check it out !
June 4th. 2003
To fulfill the public desire is now proud to present a Fantasy gallery set of 4 different postcards, including the new 2003 title The Messenger of Hope.
A 4-card series also available based on the fantasy epic comic Kalevala.
April 26th. 2003
Take a look at the brand-new Russian edition of the Kalevala comic book in here.
February 8th. 2003 at the Henki & elämEbook festival in Tampere (Finlayson/ Siperia). Kristian Huitula at the booth at 1:00 pm. and 5-7:00 pm.
December 20th. 2002
The contract of the Russian translation of the Kalevala comic book has been signed on the week 51, and the book will be published in Russia by the end of March 2003.
November 26th. 2002
The PUUNUKKE graphic novel published !!!. Take a climpse in here.
November 12th. 2002
The PUUNUKKE graphic novel coming out on the 26th of November !!!.
A 92-page thriller setting new standards to the European design comics, sponsored by the Pirkanmaa Regional Fund of the Finnish Cultural Foundation and the Pirkanmaa Arts Council. Take a climpse in here.
October 22nd. 2002
Helsinki Book Fair 2002 ( October 24-27th ) at the Helsinki Fair Centre. at the booth 2f46.
October 13th. 2002
Advance subscription now available for the Puunukke graphic novel coming out in November 2002! Find out the details from -here- and check out also the new sample pages!
August 31st. 2002
Leikkimökin Sankarit -cartoon now published as a continuous b/W comic strip version in the Asuntolinja -tabloid newspaper, focused on dwelling and building.
August 24th. 2002
The 17th annual Helsinki Comics Convention, also present at the comic book market.
April 26th. 2002
Cover illustration for the Golden Week issue of Tokyo Notice Board.
April 3rd. 2002
Finally, a sneak preview of the upcoming graphic novel. Take a glimpse in here.
December 17th. 2001
The National Council for Design has granted 3.000 euros (2.800 $) for the Russian translation of the Kalevala comic book ( Grant for Crafts and Design production ).
November 30th. 2001
The Pirkanmaa Regional Fund of the Finnish Cultural Foundation has granted 8.000 euros (7.400 $) for the upcoming graphic novel project.
October 25th. 2001
The first illustration for the Police-TV -program on air, on the Finnish national television channel (TV2). On these humorous "live" TV-cartoons I will be illustrating six different incidents actually happened in real crime-fighting situations.
September 26th. 2001
In Tokyo preparing a couple of different projects. More about it later.
September 12th. 2001
Giving a lecture about comics as a means of expression at the Tampere Polytechnic.
September 08-09th. 2001
The 16th Helsinki Comic Book Convention, also presented at the comic book market.
June 2001
For the first time I meet Mr Armas Mishin who has translated the Kalevala in Russia. He is on a trip to Finland for lecturing, so we have a good chance to meet and discuss about the Russian translation of the Kalevala comic book.
May 2001
The Pirkanmaa- exhibition at The Museum Center Vapriikki opens. Presented are my illustrations for two differenet parts of the exhibition, one dealing about iron processing in Tampere in the end of the 19th century, and the other about the taxing procedure in Finland in the 16th century.
January 2001
Media scriptwriting course at the Tampere polytechnic begins. You can never emphasise enough the meaning of a good script, so I decide to go back to TAMK to learn more about the structure and techniques of storytelling.
October 2000
The second and final part of the Kalevala comic book being released at the Turku book fair. At the same day my website at is opened. Naturally the date is Friday the 13th, and the moon is full.
June 2000
Right after graduating I move to Tokyo for the summer, to work on the second part of the Kalevala comic book. The schedule is extremely hectic since it should be ready and released at the Turku book fair in October.
May 2000
Graduation at the Tampere Polytechnic (Medianomi AMK/ BA in Media). The subject of my final thesis is "Comic book's relation to sound and multimedia" (4/5).
March 2000
Heading to Tokyo again, where I'll be spending a couple of weeks to get into the post-production and sound design at the company called Omnibus Promotion Inc.
June 1999
My first trip to Tokyo. I'll be spending three months at the animation production company called Production I.G, which is propably the most well known around the world for the animation movies Ghost in the Shell and Patlabor.
October 1998
The first part of the Kalevala comic book is finally finished and getting good publicity in the media all around Finland.
June 1997
I get a call from Germany again and I'm being asked if I've got some time to go to meet Kai Hansen and discuss about the cover-art concept for their upcoming CD-release. At the Hansen studios a hectic mixing process is in progress since "Somewhere out in Space" is going to be released soon. I make a sketch of the booklet cover in Hamburg and return back Finland to work on the final painting.
March 1997
I get a phone call from Noise Records, Berlin and I'm being asked if I'm interested to design the booklet cover for Gamma Ray's upcoming single "Valley of the Kings". Kai Hansen, the living legend of German metal, I obviously already know from his Helloween years, so I don't have to be asked twice...
January 1997
My first internationally published comic book, an 8-page CD-promo is being released with a special edition of "Sky Hook", by the band Hundred Years. The CD is the band's third release for the German Noise Records- label and produced by Timo Tolkki of Stratovarius.
October 1996
2nd prize in the "100 Years Anniversary of Comic Book"- competition, organized by the Finnish Comic Book Assosiation and publishing house LIKE.
October 1989
3rd prize in the "Artist of the Year on Bird- Theme"- competition. At the award ceremony was also presented the Japanese sponsor company of the competition, Kowa.
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