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Oni Kudaki
The Magician and the Ghost Boy

In the 16th century Japan the Shogun's military rule is weakening, while the independent daimyos (domain lords) are gaining more land and power with their own private armies. Hidden from the never-ending domain wars lies a small village in the mountainous province of Sagami. Kaede is a young girl living there in a countryside farm with her foster parents, seemingly away from the nationwide warfare. Trained in the secret arts of ninjutsu she gets her first mission while moving to Edo (present day Tokyo), but in the shadows there is something lurking that can't be fought with just a blade of a sword.

Kristian Huitula is an awarded Finnish comics artist who has lived in Japan and has done research about Japanese history, culture and art. In 1999 he first moved to Tokyo to study the animation process at the studios of Production I.G, famous for its animation 'Ghost in the Shell'. He has also studied budo for several years and has attained 3rd kyu (7th grade) in ninjutsu (Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu). In collaboration with his Japanese wife he created the comic Oni Kudaki, filled with historical detail and cultural references. Oni Kudaki combines the old Japanese Kwaidan-stories, mythical legends and skillful drawing in a way that is unique in every aspect.

Oni Kudaki is a ninjutsu technique and literally means 'the demon crush'.

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