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Oni Kudaki (3)
Crushing the Demon

Kaede, being trained in the secret arts of ninjutsu in the 16th century Japan, is searching for Kaemon Kurobayashi, the man who killed her father. However, unexpected turns of events are about to defeat Kaede's plan, and even her skills in ninjutsu seem powerless against her opponent. A mysterious two-tailed cat and a shinto priest summoning spells of onmyoodoo magic. Somehow they are all connected, and to prevail her fearsome enemy, Kaede has to enter the world of shadows...

Oni Kudaki combines the Japanese and European traditions of comic book art in a completely new way. Drawing its inspiration from old Japanese myths, legends and ukiyo-e art, Oni Kudaki blends it all together with a modern and dynamic style that refreshingly breaks the borders between art and entertainment.

Oni Kudaki is a ninjutsu technique and literally means 'the demon crush'.

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